Designing is the first and the most important part towards the development of a website.

A business with a website full of features to serve the business purpose but, with no creativity in the design is as similar as a dish with a lot of ingredients but, no taste. Its not that difficult to be building a website with so many tools and companies around in the market but, how many of them understands the essence and purpose of designing one.

The first and foremost important part of designing a Website comes from understanding the business, the website is built around. Once you understand the business and the People associated with the business, it lays down the step to start the process of designing- keeping in mind the purpose, the people and the target audience it is built for.

Web Designing

The next step towards the designing is laying down an architecture using latest and advanced tools and technologies like HTML 5, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. to create an attractive, user friendly and responsive web design.

At WebInitio, our team of designing is divided in two groups working independently on the project. While the designing artists lays down the architecture, the Coding professionals turns their imagination into a working Website Template.